The ultimate all-in-one portable outdoor cooker

There are both gas and charcoal models available. We have one COBB Gas model available and three different types of charcoal COBB’s – Premier, Air & Supreme. Note - You cannot run both gas and charcoal in a single COBB model. The Gas model comes in one size and the Charcoal has two size options.

The COBB Gas runs off of the screw in disposable butane/propane canisters which are readily available at any hardware or outdoor store. The 450g canister lasts for 8 hours on low and 4 hours on high and can be removed between cooks. It is not possible to connect the COBB Gas to an LPG bottle.

The COBB comes in two sizes – the standard circular size which has a cooking surface of 33cm circumference (COBB Premier, Air & Gas) and the larger COBB Supreme (charcoal only) which is 2.5x larger than the standard COBB’s. The standard COBB’s are capable of cooking for up to 5 people (big enough to fit a 3kg roast) whilst the COBB Supreme is capable of cooking for up to 10 people. Although small and portable in width, the COBB can cook up some big feasts despite its convenient travel size. The base can have vegetables placed around it which creates a separate level on which to cook.

With the Dome cover on, the COBB Grill reaches a temperature of up to 230 degrees Celsius – just like your home kitchen oven.

Though hard to beat the power and efficiency of our coconut-based Cobblestones, the charcoal COBB’s can be fuelled by normal charcoal. If not using the Cobblestones, we recommend using charcoal briquettes. Additionally  there is the option of a larger Fire Basket, which will hold more briquettes than the standard fire basket which comes with any charcoal COBB.

DO NOT overfill the fire basket or put fuel in the moat. This will cause a fire and damage your COBB.

Place the Cobblestone in the fire basket, use the lifting fork to lift it up and light from underneath using a jet lighter. Concentrate on an area at the bottom of the Cobblestone in order to get it going.  Alternatively, place a small piece of fire starter under the fire basket with Cobblestone in the base of the COBB . It takes around 30 seconds of contact with a flame to self-ignite. Once lit, it will take around 3 minutes to fully ignite and burn off all the accelerant. Do not start cooking until the Cobblestone has stopped smoking and all the accelerant has burnt off. Once lit, the CobbleStone can last for up to 3 hours. You cannot re use a cobblestone once lit. If you are needing a shorter cook, you can break a CobbleStone in half.

If using a charcoal COBB, simply sprinkle some wet smoking chips on top of the charcoal. If you are using the COBB Gas, place a small dish filled with smoking chips/sawdust on-top of the heat source and let it smoke away. Then, place food on top of the Roast Rack accessory (to avoid direct heat contact) and cover it up with the Dome cover.

One of the best features of the Cobb is the ability to clean it so
easily. The grease and fat is designed to drip into the inner sleeve. This can be removed after cooking and washed. For an even easier cleaning experience, use our Disposable Inner sleeves whilst cooking. Most parts of the COBB are dishwasher safe (excluding base). The dome, grill grid, fire basket, steel bowl and all the accessories (except the Pizza stone) can all be placed in the dishwasher. The outer base does not collect a lot of dirt and can be easily wiped down with
a damp soapy cloth.

YES! There is a specific way to pack it all together so that all accessories and your COBB can pack into the carry bag, even the Rotisserie! The Dome-extensions are designed to slide on top of the COBB dome cover, whilst all other accessories can be placed inside the COBB.

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